So what are you afraid of ?

There is a list actually.

We will start with the serious ones

1 Fire…   yes it terrifies me.

2 Clowns… creepy little things they are.

3 Being alone… I really really don’t like it.

4 Not being accepted or loved… this terrifies me more than it probably should, but it really does.

5 Spiders… ummm yeah that’s pretty self explanatory !

6  And last but not least,



There  I said it… I’m scared of succeeding, not to the point of sabotage,  but all I can think is… then what ?  I’m guessing its time to try to move past that fear, because my fan base is growing. So everyone bear with me as I face down one of my biggest fears… maybe some day I will work on spiders (yeah right!)

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