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Everyone has them… good or bad, they help develop who we are. The issue with fiction is you are not only trying to figure out who your characters are, you also have to create them from as far back in the past as you can. Knowing how they will react and creating a scene is easier if there is some sort of idea of who these people are.


Unfortunately with the good comes the bad. Bad memories dont always have to a bad thing though… those are the things that help shape you in strength and in times of adversity.  The saying about walking a mile in someones shoes is very true. After creating all these characters is it a lot easier to see peoples reactions and take time to think…. what happened with them ?

Ive had a lot of time these last few days to go through some of my favorite memories and even some that hurt… But I cherish all of them.


❤ ya all…. hope you all are enjoying the book,

Harlee 🙂

Tell me about your mother…

Yeah, its a bit cliche… but I feel like I should visit a shrink right now.
I wrote the book…. I edited the book… I e published the book.
AND NOW…. all of my friends can read it. *GULP*
What if they don’t like it, what if it makes them not like me ? What if the whole world is secretly moved by an alien race bent of destroying us all…. oh sorry…. wrong story 🙂

Praying for some good reviews soon
❤ ya all


Remember Me, now for Kindle!

This is my baby…. I have worked on it for SO long… go easy on me people 🙂   That’s the link and the scan.

Can you type while you are shaking ?

Well…. I’m gonna try.


The book has been submitted and within 48 hours will be available for purchase.  My tummy hurts :s 

So hear goes everyone, lets see how it flies, lets see if it works… I am now at your mercy !

Thanks Paul for all the help with this and for every day riding my butt to FINISH IT !!!

That being said … here we go folks, who is gonna take this ride with me 🙂

On My KINDLE !!!!



With nit picky details being worked out I sit in awe of my work sitting on my Kindle…


Ladies and Gentleman

The edits are done…. *gulp*

Why fight what you are ? You will just be UNHAPPY !

Lets face it… I am a 37 year old woman. I’m sure that hurt me more to say it than it did for you to hear it. Like most people I don’t feel 37, and I certainly dont act it ! Ask my teenage daughters who are constantly being mistaken for my sisters, and who hide their heads in shame when mom acts like an idiot.  Lately I have been on a journey to accept who I am.

I’m never going to be small and petite (I’m 5ft8, and I have HIPS)  I’m never going to have bright blue eyes, my turquoise contacts have a neat affect on my dark brown eyes though.  And I’m never going to be a “normal” mom 🙂   And there is nothing wrong with that !  AS a writer, I love meeting and interacting with the interesting people in life ! I love taking little pieces of those personalities to make my characters.  So that’s why I say don’t fight who you are… embrace it ! You might end up in a book 😉