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Smashwords Release

Remember Me has now been released on Smashwords and is available at with formats available for the nook, kobo, sony reader, and ibooks.
The Kindle version is still available at

It should eventually display as a smashwords edition on the various stores, though smashwords has stated that it could take several days to several weeks for this to occur.

So we are currently working on fixing a slight issue which would allow us to list the book on directly which would make it available from that store sooner.

Cover Image for Smashwords Edition

Nook release

Well folks… here we go.  After several edits, re formats…. fixing a slight program with the missing opening quotation marks (don’t ask!!!)   We are a week or so away from the release of Remember Me for the Nook. 



We have added a special preview of Forget Me Not to both versions of  Remember Me. 

*takes a deep breath and relaxes*

Ladies and Gentlemen please…. would you bring your attention to me :)

The announcement of the century…. well in my century anyway 🙂

After lots of discussion and several hours of negotiations I am pleased to announce that I signed with a new publisher today (to be announced when I know they are okay with it) and we are working to put Remember Me into print (as in a book…. a real paper book ) within the next three months !!!! Hang on folks the ride just got bigger 🙂

In just over three weeks

My book Remember Me will be available on the Nook I pad and other e readers 🙂 followed shortly by the release of part two. Forget me not. Book three is now in the works and I can’t wait… spread the word people !