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Market Research

Following the special offer for Remember Me, when we raised the price it was raised to $2.99 to see what happened, and what happened was good!
So… Forget Me Not also now has a new price, and that new price is also just $2.99.
Pricing has only just been changed and so may take a few hours to show differently on Amazon and, and while the change is immediate on it may take some time for the new price to trickle through to the stores supplied through smashwords.

To recap… Remember Me and Forget Me Not are now both just $2.99!!!!

99 Cents Special

For the next 7 days, Remember Me is available at the low low promotional price of just 99 cents.
Don’t miss out get your’s now! | |

Upcoming Special Offer

Have you bought your copy of Remember Me yet?
If not this should be of interest to you!

To celebrate the release of it’s sequel “Forget Me Not”
Remember Me will be available for the special limited time price of just 99 cents.
This offer starts this weekend and will run for 7 days.

Don’t miss out if you haven’t got yours yet!

Forget Me Not

The sequel to Remember Me is now available from Amazon for the kindle, from for nook and from Smashwords for other formats.

Happy birthday… I think

Today is my fathers 73rd birthday…. he has been really sick lately.  Today was also the day his doctor told me there is nothing he can do for him now. Whatever damage is done to his body is done.  I hate the idea of loosing my dad, but I know its coming. I will live through the same pain my daughters did a few years ago when they lost their dad. The one thing that both his death and my dads illness has taught me is to take care of myself (which I am working hard on) Its a long struggle, but Im slowly winning.


Still working, still writing