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One proud momma :)

For a while now I have wanted my daughter to design m book covers. She is an awesome artist…finally she sat down and sketched out the idea… so without further ado my friends. My new cover created by my beautiful daughter

Feels like I hit a wall

Well… sales have dropped off and its getting kinda depressing 😦

So… personal plug time guys.

If  you want to read a book by someone you know, and I’ve been told its pretty good, and you have a kindle, kindle app or computer… buy my book and gimme a chance.

If you have read it, rate it on for me please ???


I would really like to keep this going


❤ you all


Am I awake ???

Okay, here is the honest truth.. I didn’t expect to sell books… I didn’t expect people to like the book or the story. I didn’t want to be shattered  when it didn’t happen or me. I was happy 2ith 6 books. Even better when 10 sold.  I was really proud when I broke 20…. now I broke 30 !


Is this really happening? Are people really liking my book ?   Im SO stoked at even the thought people are reading it. Gives me the courage to keep going 🙂

I am so thankful and humbled by my friends and family that are helping, supporting, and just here to help. Seriously mean it when I say


I love you all !!!!

Harlee 🙂