Forget Me Not

There are always those moments in life, where a word or a movement, a look
or a whisper; can connect two souls. Like the unforgettable instant
when you look into the eyes of your true love and you begin to live
for the very first time. At those moments, you wonder why you haven’t
found them before. As if the rest of the world just doesn’t
matter anymore. Yes, this was definitely one of those moments for
Hayden; she had never had any doubt that not only was he her one, but
he was her only. The first time she saw him at seventeen she knew she
was in love; he had completely stolen her heart. He re-entered her
life at twenty-six, and she was more than ready to give him
everything she had and more. In one of her greatest moments of sorrow
in life he was the one that took her into his arms and helped make it
all better, protecting her from the rest of the cold cruel world that
had always seemed to haunt her. He was her knight in shining armor,
and these were the moments that always reminded her of that. His
chest rose and fell in almost a rhythmic way as he slept soundly; it
always relaxed her to watch him sleep. His eyes slowly fluttered and
a content smile crossed his face as they finally opened.

"Good morning," He moaned seeing that she was watching him. Jordan
rolled from his back to his side and kissed her lips lightly.

"Good morning my love," She smiled back at him. "I didn’t
wake you did I?"

"No," He said as he stretched. "What time is it?" Jordan rubbed
his eyes then took his glasses off the nightstand and slid them onto his nose.

"Early," Hayden lay back onto her pillow as his eyes focused on the clock next to the bed.

"Baby," he looked at her. "It’s only five thirty in the morning,
why are you awake?" Hayden gave him that whimsical smile, when
she was ready to be sarcastic, but just couldn’t pull it off
with him.

"Well," She tilted her head sideways grinning at him. "You see
something happened just over seven months ago, and since that night,
I just haven’t really had a decent nights sleep."

"HA HA," Jordan remarked sarcastically. "I was there
remember, and I have slept fine for the last seven months."

"Yes, but you don’t look like this." Hayden motioned down over
her large growing belly. "You must admit, this makes it hard to
sleep. I sleep on my stomach and I end up like a bloody see-saw,"
Jordan laughed. "If I am on my side, I end up with bruised
kidneys." She grinned as his hands began to rub up her legs.
"And lets face it, on my back I feel as if I am about to be
overwhelmed and smothered." Hayden dramatically choked on the
words, he chuckled as he lowered his lips to the top of the curve in
her stomach and kissed it gently.

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