Why do you write ?

I wrote a note on my Facebook page several months ago in hopes of explaining why I don’t sing any longer; in truth I was just tired of saying it in person. Although the explanation didn’t seem to satisfy some people I think I made my point. I thought I was done trying to explain myself until recently I had a friend ask me… why do I write ?


Hmm…..  let me think about that one a second. Why do I write ?  It isn’t for the sheer enjoyment of the the process I can tell you that. I grew up with dyslexia, so writing isn’t easy for me.  Maybe it is because the voices in my head tell me to ?  ( Just kidding, the voices in my head are angry at me and aren’t speaking to me at the moment 😉 )  This was never the career I wanted. I wanted to be an actor, or a DJ, something fun that didn’t require lots and lots of work… and writing takes LOTS of work. When I first started to write it was entertainment to me. I used it like others use TV shows. The stories I could come up with surprised me and entertained my friends. They were an escape from tough times, and allowed me to be who and what I wanted to be when I was writing ! 


So what is the serious answer to the answer to the question why do I write ? 

Because it was a talent I was blessed with by God. Because it took me forever to realize that. I have so many stories that I have started that are in process that I am hoping someday inspiration of finishing them will come. I’m hoping that these stories and my books in a way touch, or help people. I write… to communicate.

A friend of mine used to in jest call me a tool…. not a tool as in a looser the way most people mean it; but a useful object that can be used to achieve a goal or a purpose. Pretty cool huh ?  I will settle for being a tool for the right reasons, if it means that someday someone can look at me and say any of my creations have meant anything to them in life !  

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