Harlee Mills was born in 1975 in a small town in Michigan; and at a really young age her parents moved to Texas, where she grew up. In third grade she was diagnosed with dyslexia which made reading and writing difficult. It wasn’t until she reached her senior year of high school when her English teacher took the time to show and explain the rules of writing that she caught the bug to write. Her friends had always told her she was creative in story telling, but it wasn’t until then she believed them.
During her freshman year in college another professor helped open her eyes to writing fiction but it wasn’t until her twenties that she decided to write a novel. After an attempt at a short story her friends encouraged her to continue the story and a few years later ( after many late nights of writing) Remember Me was finished.
Harlee never had any of intention of making the story a series until several years later an idea for the sequel came to her out of the blue. After a quick six months of writing Forget Me Not was finished. Again she swore there would be no more to the story but as luck would have it, there was more to the story and the third and final installment to the series is now being written.

When she isn’t writing Harlee is busy being a mother of her four kids. She has a few other ideas for story series that could follow this story in the future, but for now she has plenty to do.

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