Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the bookstore !!!

So… a very long time ago back when I was writing Remember Me I swore there would be no sequel. I wasn’t going to do that. I went years feeling that way.  Then one day I was looking at scenes I had cut from the book and wondered if I could use them in some way. In a matter of six months Forget me Not was written. The sequel I never thought of, and to be honest…. its better than Remember Me. I knew my characters, I knew how they would react. The book was easy, and I was content !  


Just like I swore… no part three !  There was no way I could do it. Too much occurs in book two. There was too much that concluded ! There would be…. wait a second…. what if I…… yeah that might work….. and if I….. oh yeah,,,, that works…. OMG !!!!!!! There’s a THIRD BOOK !!!! EVERYONE TOLD ME THERE WOULD BE !

I am seriously excited to begin working on my latest addition to the story of Jordan and Hayden !

So here is this promise.  Its not far fetched…. no hinky soap opera nonsense. This story will only go forward if it equals my first two !!!! So yes I’M EXCITED !!!!!!!   I will keep you all posted !

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