So what are you afraid of ?

There is a list actually.

We will start with the serious ones

1 Fire…   yes it terrifies me.

2 Clowns… creepy little things they are.

3 Being alone… I really really don’t like it.

4 Not being accepted or loved… this terrifies me more than it probably should, but it really does.

5 Spiders… ummm yeah that’s pretty self explanatory !

6  And last but not least,



There  I said it… I’m scared of succeeding, not to the point of sabotage,  but all I can think is… then what ?  I’m guessing its time to try to move past that fear, because my fan base is growing. So everyone bear with me as I face down one of my biggest fears… maybe some day I will work on spiders (yeah right!)

Why do you write ?

I wrote a note on my Facebook page several months ago in hopes of explaining why I don’t sing any longer; in truth I was just tired of saying it in person. Although the explanation didn’t seem to satisfy some people I think I made my point. I thought I was done trying to explain myself until recently I had a friend ask me… why do I write ?


Hmm…..  let me think about that one a second. Why do I write ?  It isn’t for the sheer enjoyment of the the process I can tell you that. I grew up with dyslexia, so writing isn’t easy for me.  Maybe it is because the voices in my head tell me to ?  ( Just kidding, the voices in my head are angry at me and aren’t speaking to me at the moment 😉 )  This was never the career I wanted. I wanted to be an actor, or a DJ, something fun that didn’t require lots and lots of work… and writing takes LOTS of work. When I first started to write it was entertainment to me. I used it like others use TV shows. The stories I could come up with surprised me and entertained my friends. They were an escape from tough times, and allowed me to be who and what I wanted to be when I was writing ! 


So what is the serious answer to the answer to the question why do I write ? 

Because it was a talent I was blessed with by God. Because it took me forever to realize that. I have so many stories that I have started that are in process that I am hoping someday inspiration of finishing them will come. I’m hoping that these stories and my books in a way touch, or help people. I write… to communicate.

A friend of mine used to in jest call me a tool…. not a tool as in a looser the way most people mean it; but a useful object that can be used to achieve a goal or a purpose. Pretty cool huh ?  I will settle for being a tool for the right reasons, if it means that someday someone can look at me and say any of my creations have meant anything to them in life !  

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Happy birthday… I think

Today is my fathers 73rd birthday…. he has been really sick lately.  Today was also the day his doctor told me there is nothing he can do for him now. Whatever damage is done to his body is done.  I hate the idea of loosing my dad, but I know its coming. I will live through the same pain my daughters did a few years ago when they lost their dad. The one thing that both his death and my dads illness has taught me is to take care of myself (which I am working hard on) Its a long struggle, but Im slowly winning.


Still working, still writing


The week from ( fill in the blank here)

I had intended by this point in the week to have accomplished something ( yeah I know its Monday) I wanted Forget Me Not to be out, I wanted to have more of I’ll be seeing you done.

Man did life throw me for a loop.  Instead of all of that I got…

My dad in the hospital, not sure if he will recover from this, my mother loosing it… ENTIRELY !  Verbally attacked by someone I haven’t spoken to in MONTHS !   Seriously, it wasn’t necessary !  

So here I am on Monday, feeling like its Friday. I will accomplish this week what I wanted to last !

How is that for resilience ?


Remember Me has finally popped up on the iBookstore on iTunes, you can find it at the link below

Remember Me on iTunes

The editing continues….

Finally reached a very difficult scene today, one that brought me to tears to write. Glad its out of the way, but now I have to go to bed and deal with memories !

Guess that’s why I stopped here a moment.  To say this to everyone.  Girls out there (including my own)  Guys who love you will not hit you, they will not make you cry, in fact its the opposite, they will do just about anything to make sure you are not crying. This includes verbal hits as well, sometimes those are so much worse !

And guys…. bullying your girlfriends doesn’t make you cooler or more of a man, it makes you a coward !

Okay, rant done….. with that I bid you good night !