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To celebrate the release of it’s sequel “Forget Me Not”
Remember Me will be available for the special limited time price of just 99 cents.
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Forget Me Not

The sequel to Remember Me is now available from Amazon for the kindle, from BarnesandNoble.com for nook and from Smashwords for other formats.

Happy birthday… I think

Today is my fathers 73rd birthday…. he has been really sick lately.  Today was also the day his doctor told me there is nothing he can do for him now. Whatever damage is done to his body is done.  I hate the idea of loosing my dad, but I know its coming. I will live through the same pain my daughters did a few years ago when they lost their dad. The one thing that both his death and my dads illness has taught me is to take care of myself (which I am working hard on) Its a long struggle, but Im slowly winning.


Still working, still writing


The week from ( fill in the blank here)

I had intended by this point in the week to have accomplished something ( yeah I know its Monday) I wanted Forget Me Not to be out, I wanted to have more of I’ll be seeing you done.

Man did life throw me for a loop.  Instead of all of that I got…

My dad in the hospital, not sure if he will recover from this, my mother loosing it… ENTIRELY !  Verbally attacked by someone I haven’t spoken to in MONTHS !   Seriously, it wasn’t necessary !  

So here I am on Monday, feeling like its Friday. I will accomplish this week what I wanted to last !

How is that for resilience ?


Remember Me has finally popped up on the iBookstore on iTunes, you can find it at the link below

Remember Me on iTunes

The editing continues….

Finally reached a very difficult scene today, one that brought me to tears to write. Glad its out of the way, but now I have to go to bed and deal with memories !

Guess that’s why I stopped here a moment.  To say this to everyone.  Girls out there (including my own)  Guys who love you will not hit you, they will not make you cry, in fact its the opposite, they will do just about anything to make sure you are not crying. This includes verbal hits as well, sometimes those are so much worse !

And guys…. bullying your girlfriends doesn’t make you cooler or more of a man, it makes you a coward !

Okay, rant done….. with that I bid you good night !


Remember Me

Have you read it? If so I’d love to know what you thought of it.

Word of mouth has always been the strongest form of marketing in the publishing world, and this the case even more so now with ebooks and the ability to review books at online stores.
Remember Me has so far sold quite a few copies, yet only garnered three reviews, two on Amazon.com and one on Amazon.co.uk and while these reviews have rated the book with five stars and been very positive, we do need more reviews in order to help draw it to the attention of the multitude of readers out there.

So if you loved the book, liked the book, Even if it was only just a little bit.
Please post a review for it… even if you have some constructive criticism.

I welcome reviews of the book on Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, Smashwords.com or where ever you bought it.

Barnes and Noble

Well, there it is, the Nook version on the shelves at barnesandnoble.com!

Remember Me at barnesandnoble.com

Additionally, the kindle version now bears the same cover as the versions for other formats.


I’ll Be Seeing You

I'll Be Seeing You

pushing past the fuzziness

I am at a point in this third book where I have to push past the fuzzy parts and get the story even in a vague form on the paper, and that’s not easy for me to do !  When I do my speeches for classes I tend to tell them erasers are evil things…. don’t ever erase a thought. I should practice what I preach. I’m stuck in a haze of writers block…. doesn’t help I am not feeling well today, but I have set a goal chapter one by days end.   Wish me luck !




So… Im jumping way ahead of myself here.

But book three cover just got completed. Book three itself isn’t completed…. but hey…. its all good !  I’m having some issues writing lately. Getting distracted, its almost like my characters are saying… but we don’t want the story to be done with. We let you write the second book because we knew you weren’t done with us yet !  Truth is, if I knew I could continue to write good stories with them I would never let it end. But their story will sadly end, on paper at least. Meanwhile, between writing, editing  Forget Me Not and just doing mom stuff…. I’m exhausted ! 

But very proud to share my sneak peek at book three with you all.  BE WARNED !!!!  I will be very tight lipped about book three. My goal with this one is to keep you guessing till the end. Then to have you exclaim when it all becomes clear…. “YOU’RE KIDDING ME !” but for now… the cover of book three which is entitled “Ill be seeing you”

Nook Release

While there is a nook version of Remember Me available at Smashwords, we now have an actual nook version working it’s way through the piping at BN.COM it should appear in their listings in the next 24-72 hours, so keep your eyes open. 

I will post a direct link to it here once it appears

Smashwords Release

Remember Me has now been released on Smashwords and is available at with formats available for the nook, kobo, sony reader, and ibooks.
The Kindle version is still available at

It should eventually display as a smashwords edition on the various stores, though smashwords has stated that it could take several days to several weeks for this to occur.

So we are currently working on fixing a slight issue which would allow us to list the book on BN.com directly which would make it available from that store sooner.

Cover Image for Smashwords Edition

Nook release

Well folks… here we go.  After several edits, re formats…. fixing a slight program with the missing opening quotation marks (don’t ask!!!)   We are a week or so away from the release of Remember Me for the Nook. 



We have added a special preview of Forget Me Not to both versions of  Remember Me. 

*takes a deep breath and relaxes*

Ladies and Gentlemen please…. would you bring your attention to me :)

The announcement of the century…. well in my century anyway 🙂

After lots of discussion and several hours of negotiations I am pleased to announce that I signed with a new publisher today (to be announced when I know they are okay with it) and we are working to put Remember Me into print (as in a book…. a real paper book ) within the next three months !!!! Hang on folks the ride just got bigger 🙂

In just over three weeks

My book Remember Me will be available on the Nook I pad and other e readers 🙂 followed shortly by the release of part two. Forget me not. Book three is now in the works and I can’t wait… spread the word people !

So my friend Courtney made this for the first book !

ImageNew digital art !!

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the bookstore !!!

So… a very long time ago back when I was writing Remember Me I swore there would be no sequel. I wasn’t going to do that. I went years feeling that way.  Then one day I was looking at scenes I had cut from the book and wondered if I could use them in some way. In a matter of six months Forget me Not was written. The sequel I never thought of, and to be honest…. its better than Remember Me. I knew my characters, I knew how they would react. The book was easy, and I was content !  


Just like I swore… no part three !  There was no way I could do it. Too much occurs in book two. There was too much that concluded ! There would be…. wait a second…. what if I…… yeah that might work….. and if I….. oh yeah,,,, that works…. OMG !!!!!!! There’s a THIRD BOOK !!!! EVERYONE TOLD ME THERE WOULD BE !

I am seriously excited to begin working on my latest addition to the story of Jordan and Hayden !

So here is this promise.  Its not far fetched…. no hinky soap opera nonsense. This story will only go forward if it equals my first two !!!! So yes I’M EXCITED !!!!!!!   I will keep you all posted !

just dont have it in me

So the world lately has been very cruel to me. And to be honest the I have kinda lost my way.

I need to reground myself and find again what drove me to write the book in the first place.

All I can say is I am trying.

One proud momma :)

For a while now I have wanted my daughter to design m book covers. She is an awesome artist…finally she sat down and sketched out the idea… so without further ado my friends. My new cover created by my beautiful daughter

Feels like I hit a wall

Well… sales have dropped off and its getting kinda depressing 😦

So… personal plug time guys.

If  you want to read a book by someone you know, and I’ve been told its pretty good, and you have a kindle, kindle app or computer… buy my book and gimme a chance.

If you have read it, rate it on Amazon.com for me please ???


I would really like to keep this going


❤ you all


Am I awake ???

Okay, here is the honest truth.. I didn’t expect to sell books… I didn’t expect people to like the book or the story. I didn’t want to be shattered  when it didn’t happen or me. I was happy 2ith 6 books. Even better when 10 sold.  I was really proud when I broke 20…. now I broke 30 !


Is this really happening? Are people really liking my book ?   Im SO stoked at even the thought people are reading it. Gives me the courage to keep going 🙂

I am so thankful and humbled by my friends and family that are helping, supporting, and just here to help. Seriously mean it when I say


I love you all !!!!

Harlee 🙂


Everyone has them… good or bad, they help develop who we are. The issue with fiction is you are not only trying to figure out who your characters are, you also have to create them from as far back in the past as you can. Knowing how they will react and creating a scene is easier if there is some sort of idea of who these people are.


Unfortunately with the good comes the bad. Bad memories dont always have to a bad thing though… those are the things that help shape you in strength and in times of adversity.  The saying about walking a mile in someones shoes is very true. After creating all these characters is it a lot easier to see peoples reactions and take time to think…. what happened with them ?

Ive had a lot of time these last few days to go through some of my favorite memories and even some that hurt… But I cherish all of them.


❤ ya all…. hope you all are enjoying the book,

Harlee 🙂