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Help your favorite author

I’ve already shared this via facebook and via twitter, and I realise the blog will cause it to share to both places again and I apologize…

In fact you know what? No I don’t. It is important to do the things listed in this post/image because it shows support for people who write the books you read and it helps to spread word of their work to other people who haven’t read it or don’t know of that particular author.

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Smashwords Promotion

Christmas is fast approaching and my gift to you this year…

You can buy both of my books, Remember Me & Forget Me Not for the reduced price of just $2.00 each (with coupon code).
This offer is only valid through
Don’t worry all the formats for all the ereaders are available at

The coupon code for Remember Me is: US45Z

And the coupon for code for Forget Me Not is : JP55N

The codes are good through to the end of the year.

Merry Christmas

An Interview

The Indie Book Blog Database currently features an interview with Harlee. Check it out!

Not Available?

You may (or may not) have noticed that Forget Me Not has not yet appeared on the Kobo store or the Sony ereader store.
We are currently working to resolve this issue and will let you know once it is resolved.

Market Research

Following the special offer for Remember Me, when we raised the price it was raised to $2.99 to see what happened, and what happened was good!
So… Forget Me Not also now has a new price, and that new price is also just $2.99.
Pricing has only just been changed and so may take a few hours to show differently on Amazon and, and while the change is immediate on it may take some time for the new price to trickle through to the stores supplied through smashwords.

To recap… Remember Me and Forget Me Not are now both just $2.99!!!!

99 Cents Special

For the next 7 days, Remember Me is available at the low low promotional price of just 99 cents.
Don’t miss out get your’s now! | |

Upcoming Special Offer

Have you bought your copy of Remember Me yet?
If not this should be of interest to you!

To celebrate the release of it’s sequel “Forget Me Not”
Remember Me will be available for the special limited time price of just 99 cents.
This offer starts this weekend and will run for 7 days.

Don’t miss out if you haven’t got yours yet!

Forget Me Not

The sequel to Remember Me is now available from Amazon for the kindle, from for nook and from Smashwords for other formats.


Remember Me has finally popped up on the iBookstore on iTunes, you can find it at the link below

Remember Me on iTunes

Remember Me

Have you read it? If so I’d love to know what you thought of it.

Word of mouth has always been the strongest form of marketing in the publishing world, and this the case even more so now with ebooks and the ability to review books at online stores.
Remember Me has so far sold quite a few copies, yet only garnered three reviews, two on and one on and while these reviews have rated the book with five stars and been very positive, we do need more reviews in order to help draw it to the attention of the multitude of readers out there.

So if you loved the book, liked the book, Even if it was only just a little bit.
Please post a review for it… even if you have some constructive criticism.

I welcome reviews of the book on,, or where ever you bought it.

Barnes and Noble

Well, there it is, the Nook version on the shelves at!

Remember Me at

Additionally, the kindle version now bears the same cover as the versions for other formats.

Nook Release

While there is a nook version of Remember Me available at Smashwords, we now have an actual nook version working it’s way through the piping at BN.COM it should appear in their listings in the next 24-72 hours, so keep your eyes open. 

I will post a direct link to it here once it appears

Smashwords Release

Remember Me has now been released on Smashwords and is available at with formats available for the nook, kobo, sony reader, and ibooks.
The Kindle version is still available at

It should eventually display as a smashwords edition on the various stores, though smashwords has stated that it could take several days to several weeks for this to occur.

So we are currently working on fixing a slight issue which would allow us to list the book on directly which would make it available from that store sooner.

Cover Image for Smashwords Edition