What are you ?

I became a parent at the age of 19. I remember looking down at my baby girl and wondering how I was ever going to do this…

I am on the verge of that baby girls 18th birthday now. She is strong, beautiful, confident, smart, funny, and just all together an amazing human being. As are my other children. I survived years of learning how to be a mother, although I’m still being taught many lessons on the subject.

In this last 18 years I have grown up a lot more than I care t admit. I have learned to be a wife, mother, housekeeper, cook, driver, therapist… you name it.

I have gained and lost, and lost a little more than I am comfortable with.

This is what makes us grow as human beings, what makes us who we are…. thinking maybe I’d like to be a little less than what I am.

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