So… Im jumping way ahead of myself here.

But book three cover just got completed. Book three itself isn’t completed…. but hey…. its all good !  I’m having some issues writing lately. Getting distracted, its almost like my characters are saying… but we don’t want the story to be done with. We let you write the second book because we knew you weren’t done with us yet !  Truth is, if I knew I could continue to write good stories with them I would never let it end. But their story will sadly end, on paper at least. Meanwhile, between writing, editing  Forget Me Not and just doing mom stuff…. I’m exhausted ! 

But very proud to share my sneak peek at book three with you all.  BE WARNED !!!!  I will be very tight lipped about book three. My goal with this one is to keep you guessing till the end. Then to have you exclaim when it all becomes clear…. “YOU’RE KIDDING ME !” but for now… the cover of book three which is entitled “Ill be seeing you”

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