Why fight what you are ? You will just be UNHAPPY !

Lets face it… I am a 37 year old woman. I’m sure that hurt me more to say it than it did for you to hear it. Like most people I don’t feel 37, and I certainly dont act it ! Ask my teenage daughters who are constantly being mistaken for my sisters, and who hide their heads in shame when mom acts like an idiot.  Lately I have been on a journey to accept who I am.

I’m never going to be small and petite (I’m 5ft8, and I have HIPS)  I’m never going to have bright blue eyes, my turquoise contacts have a neat affect on my dark brown eyes though.  And I’m never going to be a “normal” mom 🙂   And there is nothing wrong with that !  AS a writer, I love meeting and interacting with the interesting people in life ! I love taking little pieces of those personalities to make my characters.  So that’s why I say don’t fight who you are… embrace it ! You might end up in a book 😉

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