Learning to breath through this.

This is a real rough time in my house. In a few days we will reach another year gone since my daughters lost their dad. We weren’t together at the time of his death, hadn’t been in years; but that day a big piece of me was damaged. I have walked through these last two years with a numbness that never seems to fade. Part of writing is channeling emotions into the words you use. I have definitely noticed that in these last two years my writing has improved quite a bit. learning to deal with loss and helping my girls with theirs has definitely made me grow as a person.


The beginning of year two with my girls I made one simple statement… day 366… take a breath and go. As we approach year three I remind myself of that… take a breath, and lets go. Except for a brief outing today I will be editing the last 100 pages of book one.

I can do this !

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